Dukandar Online

Dukandar Online is a entry way to a community that is tech-savvy and is a marketplace for hyperlocal commerce that is developed for making it simple for customers to find and interact with nearby merchants and service providers. The goal is to fully digitalize Pakistan, With the phrase "Ab har Dukandar Online hai" redefining convenience, supporting small businesses, and strengthening ties within communities.


Hyperlocal Commerce Marketplace: Dukandar Online functions as a hyperlocal marketplace, enabling frictionless interactions between customers and close-by shops and service providers.

Digital Transformation: Dukandar Online aims to lead Pakistan's digital revolution, bringing retailers and their customers into the digital age.

User-Friendly Platform: Customers can find interact with and support Neighbors businesses with ease because to the platform's user-friendly.

Supporting Small Businesses: Dukandar Online actively supports and empowers small businesses.