Field Force.AI

Field Force is a comprehensive software solution that helps manage your business's sales and customer relationships. It provides location tracking, analytical tools, customer interaction management, AI capabilities, and an offline solution. The field force also offers registration, reporting, and an executive dashboard. With field force, you can improve the sales performance of your business and take necessary actions to achieve your goals. It addresses the weak coverage of A-class customers, low average calls to the customer, non-assurance.


AI-Powered Predictions: Utilize cutting-edge AI techniques to improve predictive analytics based on AI-generated projections and insights which allows clients to make data-driven decisions.

Statistical Graphs: This app generates and displays easy to read detailed graphs which help tracking multiple aspects of the business.

Employee Management: Tailored protection for organizations of all sizes that helps you reduce risks and safeguard your assets.

Real-Time Tracking: Track the where abouts of assets and field workers in real time.